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Professional Wrestler

Height: 5'4

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hometown:  Detroit, MI (By way of H-Town, TX)

Birthdate: August 24th, 1978

Years Pro: 4

Training: Tugboat Taylor's School of Professional Wrestling, Houston, TX.

Promotions: EWF (Texas), IPW-MS (Kansas), PCW (Texas), LCW (Texas), TASW (Texas), SSOW (Texas), NWA-Wildside (Georgia), NWA-Midatlantic (Texas), NWA-SW (Texas), PGWA (North/South Carolina), WWA (Texas), MWF (Kansas), OWW (Arkansas), WCCW (Arkansas), WCCW (Louisiana), XPWA (Texas), TNW (Texas), NWF (Louisiana), PZW (Texas), TWA (Texas), TWA-SA (Texas), HIW (Texas), GPWA (Georgia), SPW (Texas), SWF (Texas), LSWA (Texas), TXW (Texas), TWL (Texas), GCW (Texas), WOW (Texas), OWWA (Arkansas), DSW (Louisiana), IWF (Illinois), IWA (Oklahoma), TOPs (Texas), ETW (Texas), SWWF (Texas), CTPW (Texas), and others.

Finisher: "Laid By Jade"- Top Rope Elbow Drop

Titles Held: WOW Lightweight Champion, WOW Women's Champion

Best Advice Ever Received: "Shake everyone's hand. Then sit back, keep your mouth shut, and learn from everything you see and hear." - Tug

Favorite Opponents: Jazz, Trinity, Ann R. Key, Lacy


"Love me or hate me, you WILL respect me."