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Independent Promotions

Elite Wrestling Federation - EWF

Capital of Texas Power Wrestling - CTPW

Professional Championship Wrestling - PCW

Lady Sports

Outrageous World of Wrestling - OWW


Texas All-Star Wrestling - TASW

Southern Premier Wrestling - SPW

High Impact Wrestling - HIW


National Wrestling Federation - NWF

WOW-Warriors of Wrestling


Independent Wrestlers

Dusty Wolfe

Ken Timbs

Fast Eddie

Hobo Joe

John Saxon

Kevin Northcutt

"Playboy" Joey Corman

Can You Handle the Drop?--Canyon

"Cowboy" Justin Walker

Jared "Da Bomb" Steele

Seth Shai

Mike Thunder

The One Man Posse-Hugh Rogue

"Cowtown Kidd" Kevin Duncan

"Cajun Kid" Mark Vaughn

Personal Favorites

Old School Wrestling

Badd Ass Wrestle Wear

Ringside News

Kayfabe Memories

G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling

Insane Clown Posse

RoadTrips 2000

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