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Jade's Shout Outs


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I gotta send shout outs to all the ninjas that I got love for. Everyone that helped me get to where I am, and help me to get further.

Tugboat Taylor-  The best f'n wrestling trainer in the world! I owe every match I have to you, and I hope you are proud of me. You made it possible for me to achieve the only dream I've had my whole life. Thanks for believing in me, and thank you so much for making me believe in myself. Got nothin but love for ya!

Dusty Wolfe-  The most awesome guy I have ever known! I've learned more about the business from you than anyone. You are an amazing worker, and a good friend. Thank you for everything.  I love you.

Justin Walker-  The best friend a person could ask for. If it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't be in the business now. Thanks for being an inspiration and a friend. I'll always have luv for you.

Al Hayes - What can I say, you and Katie are great.  Two of the best people in the world, and two of my bestest buds.  I love y'all.

Torry Fortune-  You are still one of the most awesome workers I know. YOU got me into indy wrestling in Texas. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be sitting at home watching instead of out there doing it. Thank you, you're the sh*t!  I'll always have luv for ya.

Canyon-  You showed me a lot both in the ring and outside the ring. I learned about the down sides of the business, and life from you, and I learned how to react to a lot of sh*t. Thanks for the good times. I'll always luv ya.

Fast Eddie, Hobo Joe, Danny Boy Colicci- Three of my very best friends. We have been through a lot together, and you guys were, and are always there for me. Thanks for helping me through the hard times, and thanks for partyin with me through the good. Y'all will always be my boyz. And Taker, you my boy too, even if you are a b*tch, you're still "OVER".

Scott-  One of the most brutally honest mother fackuhs I've ever met. You helped me through some hard times too, and made me see the truth even though I didn't want to. Thanks for caring, and being someone that I can lean on. Mucho much luv your way.

Hugh Rogue-  Seems like a total dumbass at first, but is actually one of the most intelligent ninjas in the business. You always believed in me, and never doubted me for a minute. Thanks. I hope you keep working at it, it'll come. You're better than anyone gives you credit for guy. MCL.

Bones-  You are one of the best refs I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  And even though no one gets to see it, you can work as well as anyone. 

Catt-  Buttwipe! We been up the road and down the road and had some cool matches and goodtimes. Thanks for dragging my ass all the way to Atlanta, and esp for using your car. LOL. All luv girlfriend.

Jazz-  It was an honor and a pleasure to work with and learn from you. I hope to step into the ring with you again soon. Much luv girl.

Trinity-  I have a lot fun working with you. We can put on a damn good show, and I know we'll do it many more times before we're done. You are a great worker and a real sweetheart, just stay away from the Crown and 7! LOL! All luv your way kid.

Necro Butcher-  The absolute CRAZIEST fackuh I know. Thanks for teaching me how to properly get hit in the head with foreign objects. You take care of yourself you psycho freak! MCL.

Cajun Kid-  You're pretty much good for nothing, but for some reason, my friend nonetheless. Stay a cool motha fackuh. Do do DOOOO!

Also wanna shout out to Mike Paige, Larry Wade, Joey Corman, and Samir. You guys are just too much. Lots of luv for alla y'all.

Thank you for everything y'all. Everyone that has influenced me, and given me advice, or a little nudge in the right direction,,, Thanks. Now, if there's anyone else I forgot, sorry, get over it.

Jade's F*ck Off's

I give up!  People in this business wanna talk sh*t about you for no reason other than their own boredom, jealousy, insecurity, whatever.  They wanna try to f*ck you over so that they look better.  It doesn't matter if you fight back, or just let it happen, everytime you turn around, someone is stabbing you in the back.  I've figured out that what goes around, comes around, but only if you turn the other cheek.  To those of you who were listed...  I'm turning the other cheek.